Vegetable burger mix & Dahl

Discover a whole new way of eating pulses and grains!

We are pleased to introduce our Vegetable Burger and Dahl Mixes, a 100% vegetable protein-based product innovation to offer a tasty and fun gastronomic experience.

Our Vegetable Burger and Dahl Mixes are the answer to the modern needs of a balanced, sustainable and above all quick to prepare diet. Packed with quality ingredients and rich in flavor.

Our Ready meals

It’s time to change!

Delicious pulses recipes ready to eat.

Introducing AMÍO’s first ready-to-eat range. 100% plant-based recipes made with wholesome, organic ingredients.

Find them outside the refrigerated section!

Nutrigood Mix

The most unique single dish!

Developed thanks to a scrupulous research project that puts scientific knowledge at the service of good nutrition, Nutrigood Mix recipes are a simple way to rediscover the pleasure of eating what makes us feel good. A balanced mix of pulses and grains, carbohydrates and proteins, which represents the ideal basis for the Healthy Dish, a complete and healthy meal with all the essential amino acids.

AMÍO organic range

The taste of nature, and nothing else.

Our selection includes exclusively the best certified organic varieties, grown without synthetic additives and pesticides. Only products created by the expert hands of farmers who have chosen to work the land in full respect of the rhythms of nature become AMÍO Organic.

We at Nuova ILTA believe that the environment is an important asset to be preserved, for this reason we have chosen a package made with raw materials from renewable and FSC certified sources100% Recyclable paper.

AMÍO seeds range

Add our seeds to salads, smoothies, yogurt, or use them to create delicious culinary compositions. Experience the pleasure of healthy and natural ingredients in every dish.