We are working with passion to bring a revolution in the plant-based food market and make our brand AMÍO a leader in the segment.

We embrace the challange of the future of food developing sustainable protein products to create an innovative tasting experience for our customers.

Nuova ILTA s.r.l supplies the main companies at national and European level.



We are able to satisfy all the main private label packaging needs in the retail format,
from formats of 300g to 1000g, custom solutions from standard to sustainable packaging and larger formats for catering.

In addition to the different sizes available, Nuova ILTA s.r.l. is able to offer various types of packaging such as the 4-seal bag, the double square bottom, the fin and the cushion. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can print directly on the package, apply labels and / or include open and close labels. Furthermore, Nuova ILTA s.r.l. is able to deliver its products in cardboard boxes and various customized trays.